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Early bird registration for the 'Scoliosis Correction Protocol Exercise Course' is  now open.

Once registered you will receive a 6 part videos series on a whole body movement approach to scoliosis (1st video goes live on 2023). 

The protocol is the most up-to-date, in-depth and advanced scoliosis training on the market. Currently accepting approximately 100 new students on a first-come, first-served basis.
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About the Online Course
Ed Pagets 'Scoliosis Correction Protocol Exercise Course' is the most up-to-date, in-depth and advanced online scoliosis exercise course on the market right now. 

You'll learn exactly how to use specific exercises to slow down, stop or even reduce the angle of your curve.

The course works for:
C Shape curves
S Shape curves

It is not designed to work with people who have had spinal fusion surgery or who have congenital scoliosis...sorry...
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Your Course Leader
Ed Paget
Creator of the Scoliosis Correction Protocol
Edward Paget is an Exercise Physiologist and registered Osteopath.  

He has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to finding and understanding the root cause of people's pain and where possible treating it using gentle, non invasive approaches and exercise. He was selected to be part of Team Canada's Olympic Medical Team in 2014 and still consults in elite sport.

He is an expert in scoliosis and most well known for helping people with adult scoliosis live pain free with greater flexibility and more energy.
Sue couldn't go for a walk due to the pain and now is able to walk for an hour
Sue Plumtree
Sue Plumtree
"When I first started with your programme I was experience a lot of pain.
Walking was difficult. I had to stop and catch my breath every few minutes and lean against a wall for support.
Now when I walk with my husband we go for over an hour. I never had to sit down and stop...and, hardly any pain!!! 😊😊I can’t thank you enough." 
Pain with walking due to her scoliosis
Being able to walk with her husband for over an hour.
Gentle exercises for her hips, back and core. This gave her the mobility and strength she needed to significantly reduce the pain.
Meg was able to Bootstrap her Business, launch her high-ticket offer and quit her job Just in time before giving birth to her second baby*
Meg Burrage
"Meeting Till changed my life. I was heavily pregnant, desperately wanting to escape corporate, but struggling to create a business that actually made money."
Online Course Launch Expert
Meg Burrage
"Meeting Till changed my life. I was heavily pregnant, desperately wanting to escape corporate, but struggling to create a business that actually made money."
Online Course Expert
Undercharging, wrong offer, lack of a proven marketing and sales process
Bootstrap her business and quit her current job before giving birth to her baby in a few months
We dialled in her niche, put the proper foundations in place, launched her signature high-ticket offer and helped her bootstrap
Dr Wahls uses the specific scoliosis exercises from the Protocol
Dr Terry Wahls
"I enjoy using the exercises from the Scoliosis Correction Protocol as part of my spinal health program"
Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine
Dr. Terry Wahls
"I enjoy using the exercises from the Scoliosis Correction Protocol as part of my spinal health program.'
Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine
Progressive lumbar scoliosis 
Slow down or stop the progression while adding strength
A specific exercise program that targets a lumbar curve combined with whole body exercises for general conditioning and strength
After 3 months of the protocol lauren can now pick up her son without getting a migraine 
Lauren Cook
Lauren Cook
"Within 2 weeks both my chiropractor and dentist commented on how much flexibility I had gained, how my posture had improved and how my hips and pelvis were stable for the first time in a year....the exercises have been life changing."
Pain at night, migraines and collapsing posture.
Be well enough to continue with jaw expansion therapy, be out of pain and pick up her son without triggering a migraine. 
A whole body approach that took into consideration her feet, ankle and entire spine to help her head and hips find  neutral. From there progressive strength exercises to enable her body to control the new mobility. 
"I didn't think i'd see change in such a short time"

"I have done the exercises most days, a couple of times a day but most importantly I’ve incorporated them in my everyday life! I wanted to share with you the two pictures of my back at the start of the Protocol and four weeks later."
A – England.

Dr. Golding
United Kingdom
"My son’s spine is now straight and the shoulder difference has now all but disappeared. His scapulae are now level. 

He is so happy and we cannot quite believe that it has taken such a short time for the spine to rectify. 

Ed, you are such a genius! On top of that, James’ click in his left hip has stopped and with time, he has found the exercises easier and easier to do. 
Lama El Charif
United States
"We don’t have a scoliosis specialist where I live.  You cannot imagine the amount of money, I spent on physical therapy and doctors. 

I wasn’t satisfied with the slow results of the Schroth method. 

However the rotation of my spine reduced after just two months of exercising 5 days per week with this Protocol."
14 years old, Canada
"When I was first diagnosed as having scoliosis my curve progressed from 17 to 28 degrees in just 9 months.

I was worried that it was going to continue that way. Then I tried the Scoliosis Correction Protocol and I managed to reduce the curve by 8 degrees in just 3 months.
It was amazing how I could take control of my curve.’  

Susan Terra 
United States
"Oh My Gosh- I am ALREADY feeling relief after a few days! 
I used to wake up 2-3 times a night with shooting pain that anti inflammatories couldn't touch. 
Now I have been waking up just because I want to notice what it feels like to lay in bed pain free- THANK YOU!."
Judi Orlando
United States 
"I’m just at the start and I’m thrilled, my lumbar area has been jammed for ages and now that has very much decreased!! 

Ed, I’m so thankful for your program and all your tips. Really appreciate all you share. 

Before this I felt alone in my search to help myself and now I feel very hopeful."
United States
"This program is what I was looking for. Yoga and physiotherapy took pain away but not for long. 

Now I feel I can move, walk , work and go through my regular routines feeling better every day. I
 don't care if I have to do this for the rest of my life if this helps me have a normal range of activities and be pain free. 
Thank you do much."

Do You Feel Like You Might Need Some 1-on-1 Training?

Ed offers a 12 week 1-on-1 training program that includes all the elements of the Scoliosis Correction Protocol but allows them to be tailored specifically to your needs. 

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Scoliosis Correction Protocol
Registration for Ed Paget's "Scoliosis Correction Protocol Exercise" online course is opening soon. 
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