Scoliosis Correction Protocol
The first fully online program designed specifically for adults with scoliosis.

"Finally a program I can recommend to my patients that includes specific exercises for scoliosis, exercises for the whole body and exercises for a person's mindset. Truly a whole person approach"  Dr Gabriel Linger, Australia
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Read What Our Students Are Saying About The Scoliosis Correction Protocol !

Ann, England

"Your material and advice really strike me as being absolutely right and make so much sense.

 I am using your series of videos every day to get me going in the morning and loosen everything up. 

They are such good fun, remind me of dance moves and have allowed me to really get ready for skiing in the mornings, which is very important to me.” 

Sharon, California

"My scoliosis is mild and was not diagnosed until I was an adult, but I have had chronic muscle spasms in my neck and scapula areas for years.  

Your program is the first to offer such an uncomplicated explanation of the spinal issues and how to correct the crookedness. 

I do the exercises every morning and am seeing real improvement in my ability to stand, and feel, “straight" without as much effort.  

I have increased range of motion and decreased stiffness in my neck."
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