FREE Online Workshop
Presented by Edward Paget, Exercise Physiologist, Osteopath and Founder of the  Scoliosis Correction Protocol
Control Your Curve
Discover The 3 Secrets Women Over 40 are Using 
to Control the Progression of their Curve While Conquering the Pain,
Stiffness and Fatigue of Scoliosis, Without Bracing, Surgery or Drugs
FREE Online Workshop
2pm, 8pm, and next training starts in: 
In this 45-minute training you’ll discover:
  • The 3 Secrets to preventing the progression, and conquering the pain, stiffness and fatigue of scoliosis. 
  • The simple system my clients are using to go from exhausted to energized in as little as a few short weeks.

  •  The Science behind how a scoliosis can change for the better.

  •  The #1 most effective and proven way to a stronger more flexible spine without using drugs, bracing or surgery…

  •  Why most Doctors and Surgeons can't help you.

  •  How, if left unchecked, scoliosis will increase 1 degree a year.

  •  How the progression of your curve isn't inevitable even if it runs in your family. 

  •  How your mind might be making your back more painful

  • And more!

About your host

Edward Paget is an Exercise Physiolgist and Osteopath. 
He has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to finding and understanding the root cause of peoples pain and where possible treating it using gentle, non invasive approaches.

He is he an expert in scoliosis and most well known for helping people with adult scoliosis live painfree with greater flexibilty and more energy. 

If want you to reduce your pain, increase your energy and flexibility, then this 
FREE online worskhop is for you.
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