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What People Are Saying

"I was so surprised at the change in just 1 month. There are a lot of exercises so I didn't follow them all but when I consulted with the team they said that was OK, as I could always change the exercises I do in the future. This will keep my routine fresh and interesting. I'm very happy with the results."


“Over the last year I have seen Ed for a variety of complaints ranging from neck pain to scoliosis. His treatments somehow blend a healthy dose of science with the more spiritual aspects of healing. I always feel energized, refreshed and in less pain after seeing him."


"My mom asked me to do the exercises with Ed after we discovered I had scoliosis during a routine back check. Some of the exercises involved equipment that I had to set up in my room but once I got the hang of them they became part of my daily routine. I'm very happy that the curve changed and hasn't gone back"


Professional Testimonials

Mihir Shah, Osteopath and Fellow of Applied Functional Science.

To be able to learn a 3 Dimensional approach to scoliosis online was a real help to me. There are not a lot of opportunities for continued education where I work so the Scoliosis Correction Protocol™ for professionals was perfect. The way Ed has put the program together makes it easy to follow and it contains is a lot of practical assessment and treatment information that I’ve added to my general treatments, not just for people with scoliosis. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking to take continued education but doesn’t want to or isn’t able to travel.

Donna Ognibene Movement Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Consultant, USA

I have been looking for practical and applicable course to help my students and athletes best impact their scoliosis. I work with swimmers, runners, actors, models, adults and athletes looking for more comfortable, confident and capable bodies. With the Scoliosis Correction Protocol™ I have an effective and easy to system to learn from and use. With the volume of information out there to choose from, the Scoliosis Correction Protocol™ stands alone in it's value offered and easy to implement system.

Physiotherapist Medical Director for the Canadian Speed Skating Team at the Sochi Olympics

I worked with Ed professionally at the highest level of Canadian sport for 2 years and was always impressed by his ability

to go to the source of a movement problem. At the elite level of sport we look for medical innovators, those people that challenge conventional practice and come out with something better. Ed used a variety of innovative movement screens which would be adapted to each athlete to effectively show us and the athlete where there was a problem. His treatments then blended osteopathic techniques with movement rehab to keep our athletes performing at their best.

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